Beagle PuppiesMy name is Jody and I am a paramedic who is love with my Beagles (Bessie and Boots). I volunteer my time with The Beagle Network to promote responsible pet ownership through the internet. I unknowingly bought my puppies from a puppy mill and now do all that I can to educate the public about this inhumane practice. The puppy owner arranged for me to meet him in a park with the dogs and I didn’t recognize this as a sign of a puppy mill. When buying a dog you should always be able to see them in the home where they were raised and also meet their parents, or at least the mom. I’ve spent a lot of time socializing and loving my dogs to help them recover from their earlier traumatic start to life. Luckily Bessie and Boots are now healthy, fun loving Beagles. Bessie loves just sniffing around whilst Boots loves to explore whilst pretending he can”t hear me calling him….  This website is dedicated to Bessie, Boots and all their special Beagle friends.