Beagle Insurance Basics

Welcoming a Beagle puppy into your home and family means that you are responsible for each stage of their life. Unfortunately, as with any breed of dog, Beagles can become sick and are also susceptible to certain genetic and hereditary conditions. It is therefore important to choose a reliable and appropriate Beagle insurance for your dog. We discuss the pitfalls of obtaining Beagle pet insurance and give you 10 top tips to help you choose a worthwhile policy.

Today, veterinary medical advances offer your pet an excellent chance of good health and a long life. As your dog ages, the cost of Beagle pet insurance will increase, and cover becomes more limiting. This is why it is essential to start insuring your dog at the puppy stage.

Beagle pet insurance

The Benefits of Having Beagle Insurance

Help in emergencies

Beagle puppies are full of energy and due to their natural instinct in following scents they can be led into mishaps. An emergency visit to the veterinarian can result in expensive bills ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Health checkups

As with humans, a Beagle will need regular checkups. A good Beagle dog insurance policy should cover for items such as vaccinations, dental care, blood tests and spaying / neutering costs.

Peace of mind

Owners can relax in the knowledge that if anything should happen to their pet they will have the financial capacity to fund the best medical care.

Prevention is critical when caring for a Beagle puppy. In addition to health issues common to all dogs, you will need to consider that Beagles are more prone than other dogs to certain medical conditions.

Beagle pet insurance

Breed specific problems that are common to Beagles

  • Back, hip, and knee disorders
  • Hip dyplasia which can start during puppyhood
  • Intervertebral disk disease – this can start during puppyhood and cause paralysis and incontinence
  • Blood disorders – Factor VII deficiency is known to cause mild bleeding in Beagles
  • Eye disorders such as cherry eye, glaucoma, cataracts, eyelid and eyelash abnormalities
  • Heart conditions
  • Musladin-Lueke Syndrome (MLS)
  • Skin allergies
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Cancer
  • Eye and Ear infections

Listed below are examples of medical conditions and what you might expect to pay without any Beagle insurance


Canine hip dysplasia

($1500 – $6000)
This is an inherited condition in Beagles where the ball and socket of the hip joint fit poorly together. This results in a hip with increased laxity that can lead to degenerative changes, which, depending on the severity of the condition, may require surgery.


Intervertebral disk disease

($2500 – $7000)
This is common in Beagles and is usually an age related problem. It occurs in the neck (most commonly), chest or lower back vertebrae. The Beagle is predisposed to this condition from age three upwards. This is because it is one of the chondrodystrophic breeds and they develop an early type of disc degeneration (chondroid metaplasia) resulting in early mineralization of the discs.


Beagle pain syndrome or steroid responsive meningitis

($1500 – $4000)
This was first discovered following research on a group of Beagles in the 1980’s. It is a serious condition involving a combination of meningitis and polyarthritis, and, as symptoms can be varied, it may be misdiagnosed. They include stiff neck and cervical pain, shaking, fever, decreased appetite and a change in stance.

Treatment for some medical conditions is likely to be expensive and this is where Beagle dog insurance can help.

Beagle dog insurance

Choosing Beagle Pet Insurance


Understanding your existing Beagle’s medical conditions and what they may need in the future, is crucial in deciding what kind of insurance cover to take out. It is worth noting that in recent years many breeds of dogs have become more prone to develop cancer, obesity, kidney and periodontal diseases.

There are many different types of Beagle insurance policies ranging from a basic accident only cover (from $16 a month) to comprehensive life time cover (from $35 a month). Online searches can facilitate the process of deciding the right insurance policy for your Beagle dog.

10 Top Tips to Consider When Choosing a Beagle Insurance Policy


  1. Quotations should be ‘custom made’ as they are based on breed, age, and postal address.
  2. Find Beagle insurance that covers from 7 weeks right through to old age.
  3. Choose a comprehensive Beagle pet insurance policy that includes all accident and emergency care, illnesses (particularly breed specific conditions and cancer treatments), surgery, hospitalization, nursing care and prescription charges.
  4. Check for inclusion of wellness check-ups, spay and neuter costs, vaccines, heartworm treatments. Periodontal care and dental cleanings should also be considered.
  5. Check out the company that you intend to select – take note of their claims settlement record.
  6. Find a policy that allows you to choose your annual maximum rate and reimbursement percentage.
  7. Consider opting for Beagle insurance that offers 100% reimbursement – some companies will only pay out a maximum of 80% or limit the number of annual claims for your dog.
  8. Avoid a policy with an annual renewal to ensure that all conditions are covered for life. Some companies will exclude certain chronic or pre-existing conditions at the time of annual renewal. For example, a Beagle diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease one year would not be covered with insurance the next, as this would then be considered a pre-existing condition on renewal. Beagle insurance cover should always be ongoing and include all of your Beagle’s conditions for life.
  9. All stages of a Beagle life should be filled with the security of knowing that you have insurance and can provide him with the appropriate veterinary care.
  10. Be wary when you take out a Beagle insurance policy. Read the small print and check out what you are not covered for!

As an important member of your family, your Beagle friend deserves the best possible care for the rest of his life. Take time when deciding on the most suitable Beagle insurance cover to ensure you have the policy you want.

Beagle dog insurance