Beagle Adoption From a Rescue Center

Beagle Adoption From a Rescue Center

Rescue Beagle adoption gives a second chance to a lovable little dog fallen on hard times. Beagles are very popular pets but unfortunately many end up in rescue for a variety of reasons. The advantages of adopting are that you are more likely to be able to choose a dog of any age and they are probably longing for a new home! Beagle rescue dogs can be a great option to add a new pet to your family, without the hard work of training a puppy from Beagle breeders.

Is a Beagle adoption right for me?

Beagle rescue dogsBeagles are indoor dogs and therefore love being a member of the family–indeed they need company for most of the day. They also require long, daily walks. When they put their noses to the ground they become oblivious to everything else and it is unlikely they will respond to your call. They are not being disobedient – they are just doing what Beagles do – following their noses!

  • Do you have a safe outside area with a good fence – they do like to jump, chew and dig?
  • Their life span is normally 10 to 15 years –will that fit in with your future plans?

Reasons why some Beagle rescue dogs arrive at the center

  • “He keeps running away” (he is just following his nose)
  • “She howls all day” (she needs company)
  • “Don’t have time to take care of it properly”
  • “The children have stopped looking after it and it was their dog”
  • “It never comes when called”
  • “When left at home alone he chews everything and is into all kinds of mischief” (he is easily bored and needs company)

Good research before buying could have avoided most of these problems.

Beagle rescue dogs

Things to consider before deciding on a Beagle adoption

Beagle adoption should not be taken lightly. Get to know your local organization and thoroughly research all available information on Beagles as pets before making your decision. Veterinarians, other owners, and the internet are all useful sources for this.

Don’t just fall for those pleading eyes and cute little face!

You won’t get your Beagle puppies for free – a responsible owner will make a donation to the rescue center to allow them to continue their good work.

  1. Visit the shelter – register your name on a list if necessary.
  2. Do research to make sure it is the right dog for you.
  3. Check if there is ongoing support from the organization.
  4. Has the Beagle had vaccinations, flea and worm treatments?
  5. Has he been micro-chipped?
  6. Are there any costs involved in the adoption?
  7. Is there a trial period to see if dog and family are well-matched?

Beagle puppy adoption

Beagle adoption from one of the various rescue organizations can be a rewarding experience. But make sure you are adopting your Beagle for the right reasons and that you will have plenty of time to take care of him – he should always be considered as ‘one of the family’. Be prepared to take your dog to Beagle training to socialize and bond with your new pet.

Adopted dogs need lots of attention and love.

Some may have behavioral problems such as being ‘head shy’ or show signs of aggression due to previous abuse. Beagles are one of the dog breeds that suffer separation anxiety so he may look downhearted in the rescue shelter. Once settled at home your Beagle will soon become his cheerful and lovable self, although some dogs may need more time and patience than others to adjust. If your Beagle appears to show any problems it might be advisable to work with a positive behavioral trainer.

Your Beagle will be thankful for his new life with you in a forever home. With the right care and a loving environment your Beagle adoption will always be worthwhile, for both of you.

Choosing Beagles as Pets

Choosing Beagles as Pets

If you are choosing Beagles as pets for your family, look no further! We take a look at the personality of this popular dog and include some fun facts that you probably didn’t know already.

Beagles as petsThe Beagle originated in England and was bred as a hunting dog to chase rabbits and hares. They became popular with the British monarchy in the 13th and 14th centuries and later by the landed-gentry. The breed has life span of 10-15 years.

The Beagle today is much loved throughout the world and one of the most popular breed choices registered with the American Kennel Club.

The definitive guide to Beagles as pets

  • Beagle dogs are attractive sturdy and compact little dogs with a friendly expression. Beagles as pets are sociable and are fun to be with which make them perfect for the family. It is essential that Beagles live as a family ‘member’ as they need constant company.
  • Beagles and children are generally a good mix and will play well if they have been socialized properly, although you should never leave any breed of dog alone with very young children. They are a lively breed of dog and can accidentally hurt little ones so supervision with children is always recommended.

Beagle facts

  • Beagles have litters of 5-10 puppies. Both heights of Beagle (13 and 15 inches) can be born in the same litter. After birth and at around nine months of age, it should become apparent as to which group size the puppy will eventually belong.
  • Beagles have a loud voice and will howl if bored or lonely.
  • They are intelligent little dogs but completely ruled by their nose and become oblivious to everything else when following a trail. They require daily exercise and every opportunity to use that nose.
  • They can be stubborn and appear to have ‘selective’ hearing at times. You cannot make a Beagle do anything he chooses not to, but he will co-operate when something becomes fun or there is a treat at the end!
  • They will eat anything they consider to be food!

Beagle Facts and Pictures

Beagle facts

Usually tri-colored (black, tan and white). Solid patches of white and black are accompanied by a shade of tan which can vary from a pale lemon shade to light brown, red through to a rich chestnut. Bi-colored Beagles are less common and have two colors (white and tan). The colors can also be of mottled appearance. Beagles can actually be found in a great variety of colors of which the distribution does not matter. All Beagles however should have a  white tip to their tail, the ‘flag’. When out hunting they have their noses down and tails in the air, the ‘flag’ is then visible to its owner.

Beagle as pets informationHeight
Two heights are recognized – 13 and 15 inches at the shoulder

Males 13-20 inches Females 14-16 inches

Between 26 and 40lbs

7 Fun Beagle Facts

  1. Arguably the most famous Beagle is Snoopy, the dog in the Peanuts cartoon.
  2. Other famous Beagles include Shiloh, Odie, Sandy, Underdog, Gromit, Poochie and The Beagle Boys, not forgetting Uno the best of show winner in 2008 who is now an ambassador for therapy dogs.
  3. Beagles have 220 million scent receptors, whilst humans have only around 5 million.
  4. They spend most of their time tracking and have been described as a ‘nose on legs’. It therefore makes them an ideal choice for search and rescue situations and airport security.
  5. The word ‘Beagle’ is believed to have come from the Celtic word ‘beag’ meaning small.
  6. Famous owners include Queen Elizabeth 1, King James 1 and President Lyndon B Johnson.
  7. They have been featured in movies, art and even Shakespearean plays.

Beagles have so many admirable qualities – what a terrific breed! . If you are looking to welcome a Beagle into your home visit Beagle dogs for sale and Beagle adoption. Researching Beagle facts and information can help you decide if the Beagle is the right dog for you. If you are choosing Beagles as pets you will have a wonderful new family member.

The Best Beagle Food Advice

The Best Beagle Food Advice

Bring on the Beagle food! Beagles love food – given half a chance they will happily over-indulge! In order to promote good health and hopefully a long life it is important that Beagles develop correct eating habits and a healthy Beagle diet. For example do you know that your Beagle is more likely to develop cancer than you? Incorrect feeding can predispose your dog to this and other conditions such as obesity, diabetes and joint problems.

Hounds follow those who feed them”

Otto von Bismarck.

Healthy Beagle food advice

How much should I feed my Beagle puppy?

How much should I feed my Beagle

Before bringing your puppy home, it would be advisable to ask your Beagle breeders what type of Beagle food your puppy has been eating. In order to avoid potential digestive problems, you will need to continue with the same. If you obtain your puppy through a Beagle adoption you should also continue with the same food initially. During the next 3-4 weeks new food can gradually be introduced– veterinarians can advise if necessary. By age one year, your puppy should be having 1-2 scheduled meals per day.

Read the ingredients of the food you are using:

Beagle puppies will thrive on 3 set-meals per day but food brands should be well-researched to ensure that healthy ingredients and high quality proteins are included. Cheap foods are likely to contribute to poor health as they contain meat by-products, fillers, dairy, soy, eggs, corn, wheat, multiple cereals, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. These are all additives that can have a negative impact on your dog’s health and exacerbate Beagle allergies and excessive Beagle shedding and fur loss.

How much should I feed my Beagle

Make sure that adequate fresh water is always available and choose a sturdy bowl!

Beagle food for an adult dog

Your adult Beagle should be fed twice a day, morning and evening. Because they love to eat it is not advisable to leave out freely available food – they won’t know when to stop! When giving a Beagle food, teach him to sit and wait calmly while you prepare his food and to obey the command “eat” when instructed.

Be consistent with meal times and remove food bowls after half an hour.

At family meal times it is hard to resist sad pleading eyes but to give in will lead to bad eating habits and jeopardize your Beagle’s health. There are some foods such as chocolate, onions, raisins and grapes that should never included in your Beagle diet as they can cause serious illness and even death.

How much should I feed my Beagle

There are many different brands of dog food on the market. As with puppy foods, only select high quality products. A home prepared Beagle diet that contains organic vegetables, chicken, meat or fish will provide a healthy alternative to commercial dog foods. Digestive enzymes, minerals, probiotics, fish oil, spirulina and B vitamins may be of benefit to your Beagle’s immune system and overall health and can be included with their food. Consult your veterinarian before using them.

All dogs love a bone and your Beagle is no exception.

Feeding a Beagle an uncooked bone will keep him happy and occupied, however, please avoid giving cooked bones as they can easily splinter and cause harm.

Good Beagle food and healthy habits will bring you a best friend for life!