Beagle Adoption From a Rescue Center

Beagle Adoption From a Rescue Center

Rescue Beagle adoption gives a second chance to a lovable little dog fallen on hard times. Beagles are very popular pets but unfortunately many end up in rescue for a variety of reasons. The advantages of adopting are that you are more likely to be able to choose a dog of any age and they are probably longing for a new home! Beagle rescue dogs can be a great option to add a new pet to your family, without the hard work of training a puppy from Beagle breeders.

Is a Beagle adoption right for me?

Beagle rescue dogsBeagles are indoor dogs and therefore love being a member of the family–indeed they need company for most of the day. They also require long, daily walks. When they put their noses to the ground they become oblivious to everything else and it is unlikely they will respond to your call. They are not being disobedient – they are just doing what Beagles do – following their noses!

  • Do you have a safe outside area with a good fence – they do like to jump, chew and dig?
  • Their life span is normally 10 to 15 years –will that fit in with your future plans?

Reasons why some Beagle rescue dogs arrive at the center

  • “He keeps running away” (he is just following his nose)
  • “She howls all day” (she needs company)
  • “Don’t have time to take care of it properly”
  • “The children have stopped looking after it and it was their dog”
  • “It never comes when called”
  • “When left at home alone he chews everything and is into all kinds of mischief” (he is easily bored and needs company)

Good research before buying could have avoided most of these problems.

Beagle rescue dogs

Things to consider before deciding on a Beagle adoption

Beagle adoption should not be taken lightly. Get to know your local organization and thoroughly research all available information on Beagles as pets before making your decision. Veterinarians, other owners, and the internet are all useful sources for this.

Don’t just fall for those pleading eyes and cute little face!

You won’t get your Beagle puppies for free – a responsible owner will make a donation to the rescue center to allow them to continue their good work.

  1. Visit the shelter – register your name on a list if necessary.
  2. Do research to make sure it is the right dog for you.
  3. Check if there is ongoing support from the organization.
  4. Has the Beagle had vaccinations, flea and worm treatments?
  5. Has he been micro-chipped?
  6. Are there any costs involved in the adoption?
  7. Is there a trial period to see if dog and family are well-matched?

Beagle puppy adoption

Beagle adoption from one of the various rescue organizations can be a rewarding experience. But make sure you are adopting your Beagle for the right reasons and that you will have plenty of time to take care of him – he should always be considered as ‘one of the family’. Be prepared to take your dog to Beagle training to socialize and bond with your new pet.

Adopted dogs need lots of attention and love.

Some may have behavioral problems such as being ‘head shy’ or show signs of aggression due to previous abuse. Beagles are one of the dog breeds that suffer separation anxiety so he may look downhearted in the rescue shelter. Once settled at home your Beagle will soon become his cheerful and lovable self, although some dogs may need more time and patience than others to adjust. If your Beagle appears to show any problems it might be advisable to work with a positive behavioral trainer.

Your Beagle will be thankful for his new life with you in a forever home. With the right care and a loving environment your Beagle adoption will always be worthwhile, for both of you.