The Best Beagle Food Advice

The Best Beagle Food Advice

Bring on the Beagle food! Beagles love food – given half a chance they will happily over-indulge! In order to promote good health and hopefully a long life it is important that Beagles develop correct eating habits and a healthy Beagle diet. For example do you know that your Beagle is more likely to develop cancer than you? Incorrect feeding can predispose your dog to this and other conditions such as obesity, diabetes and joint problems.

Hounds follow those who feed them”

Otto von Bismarck.

Healthy Beagle food advice

How much should I feed my Beagle puppy?

How much should I feed my Beagle

Before bringing your puppy home, it would be advisable to ask your Beagle breeders what type of Beagle food your puppy has been eating. In order to avoid potential digestive problems, you will need to continue with the same. If you obtain your puppy through a Beagle adoption you should also continue with the same food initially. During the next 3-4 weeks new food can gradually be introduced– veterinarians can advise if necessary. By age one year, your puppy should be having 1-2 scheduled meals per day.

Read the ingredients of the food you are using:

Beagle puppies will thrive on 3 set-meals per day but food brands should be well-researched to ensure that healthy ingredients and high quality proteins are included. Cheap foods are likely to contribute to poor health as they contain meat by-products, fillers, dairy, soy, eggs, corn, wheat, multiple cereals, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. These are all additives that can have a negative impact on your dog’s health and exacerbate Beagle allergies and excessive Beagle shedding and fur loss.

How much should I feed my Beagle

Make sure that adequate fresh water is always available and choose a sturdy bowl!

Beagle food for an adult dog

Your adult Beagle should be fed twice a day, morning and evening. Because they love to eat it is not advisable to leave out freely available food – they won’t know when to stop! When giving a Beagle food, teach him to sit and wait calmly while you prepare his food and to obey the command “eat” when instructed.

Be consistent with meal times and remove food bowls after half an hour.

At family meal times it is hard to resist sad pleading eyes but to give in will lead to bad eating habits and jeopardize your Beagle’s health. There are some foods such as chocolate, onions, raisins and grapes that should never included in your Beagle diet as they can cause serious illness and even death.

How much should I feed my Beagle

There are many different brands of dog food on the market. As with puppy foods, only select high quality products. A home prepared Beagle diet that contains organic vegetables, chicken, meat or fish will provide a healthy alternative to commercial dog foods. Digestive enzymes, minerals, probiotics, fish oil, spirulina and B vitamins may be of benefit to your Beagle’s immune system and overall health and can be included with their food. Consult your veterinarian before using them.

All dogs love a bone and your Beagle is no exception.

Feeding a Beagle an uncooked bone will keep him happy and occupied, however, please avoid giving cooked bones as they can easily splinter and cause harm.

Good Beagle food and healthy habits will bring you a best friend for life!